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No Strings Attached


Im going to be honest. The more I’ve learned about myself, intimacy and sexual exploits. I know that no strings attached just ain’t for me.

Before you think this is my announcement that I’m abandoning whatever lifestyle and free loving sex life....this is not that.

Here’s the thing.

NSA sounds so emotionless and detached.

I love passion and feelings. Even if it’s our one and only time fucking in the storage room at that restaurant we met for happy hour. Or if it’s a weekend sexcapade with friends. I prefer to be cared for, communicated with, protected, looked after and of course brought to ecstasy!

So let’s be friendly and fucking. Even when there are no plans of courting, relationship or even a next time.

So I guess like my no strings attached sex with yarn, knots, nets, holsters and even sometimes barbed wires.


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