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This Was Us- More and Less than expected

So I watch "This Is Us" a little behind everyone else. Not intentionally, that's just how it happens.

Well anyway, I was catching S3E16-Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away and I was triggered. Not by the heartwarming hospital scenes between Toby and Kate, even though I found myself praying as if they were a real couple of new parents that I knew.

But instead I was triggered by that damn Randall and Beth. I've been there. I felt like I gave every last bit of my all like Beth to my husband while he advanced his career, yet when it was time for me to grow he didn't even want to take 10 minutes to proof my resume. But to be honest and in hindsight he wasn't much of a support system unless he directly benefited. Even if that benefit was to appear to have a perfect relationship at home.

Let's back up, we were somewhat still newlyweds already in a rocky state the night it all ultimately broke.

He had a function to attend at a local high end resteraunt with professional colleagues and it was time to bring in the wife who they had heard of and seen once at the wedding.

One of his female colleagues asked for an honest response after polling other newlyweds on how I felt about marriage. My response "it's a whole lot more, and a whole lot less than I expected". She agreed that response summed up all the others. Then he walks into the conversation cheery, intoxicated and slightly on edge as he tries to cover the icy emotions between us that he thinks everyone else can see. And blurts out "how am I less than a man?" I'm standing there playing the role of the perfect happy new bride and he blows my cover.

Oh well and fuck it.

Many many drinks later the night gets worse.

Arguing escalates to actual fighting with hands and fists.

There's no turning back from that.

So This Was Us.

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