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10 minutes

Originally written December 25, 2014.  I ended up injuring myself majorly on that run to catch my flight.  My first full day in Belize was spent in pain where I couldn’t even lift myself from the bed!  But using the local spirits (as in liquor) I pushed through.  

Originally written on December 25, 2014

There was absolutely no way I was supposed to make it on today’s flight. Slight car trouble leaving home, delays at my parking spot, a ticketing agent who seemed to be in training and couldn’t print my boarding pass, the pleasant conversation with the wounded veteran while the agent “in training” was calling the gate agent to ask them if I still had time to board as the next flight is tomorrow. The agent handed me the phone and the voice on the other end said “you get a pass today, just hurry it up cause when the doors close I can’t help you” The manager told me to get in the precheck line because I have global entry/TSA precheck, the precheck agent said my boarding pass was labeling incorrectly….. So I whispered a prayer, asked my folks to do the same and remained calm. As I was about to be booted out of precheck line another agent called himself flirting and asked why miss pretty smile looked stressed. I told him I now have 30 mins to board my plane so I’m praying for devine intervention. Then watch what happens – the gentleman in front of me says you can go in front of my family we’re really early. I book down the escalator to the train as the doors are opening up, leaving the train I’m doing the airport jog … Well more of a trot as my upper body leaves me a bit umm well you know. Anyway I’m out of breath, hair wet, sweating dripping, back sore and at my gate with 10 minutes to spare… Those 10 minutes could have been easily stolen if the agent hadn’t have waived me through or the gentleman had I-was-here-first syndrome. I’d be stuck missing my flight with a sad face. Today I’m thankful for kindness of strangers, angels entertaining us unaware and measly 10 minutes. 

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