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Thankful Alone

My angel Neicy had been on my mind a lot lately. My recent move has me unpacking boxes that have been in storage for a few years. As I unpack the kitchen boxes I stumble upon the ‘friends’ tea set she gifted me one year. Let me back up, I met Bernice Ann Calderon Knight in hell. Well it was a corner office in a hell hole of a job. But she was a shining light. Over time we became close confiding in each other our future plans of escape, wiping tears about our marriages and sharing prayers for our families. Bernice loved her daughters painfully, when she talked about them her face would beam as her heart cracked open. As our friendship grew we would bring love gifts to brighten each others day. We knew the perfect order of coffee/tea. On the rare occasion she was running late, I’d have hers waiting on her desk piping hot. When she heard me crying or arguing on the phone she would bring my cup and an understanding pat on my shoulder. Our sisterly bond was beautiful. In 2014, after a two-year struggle with cancer, Bernice joined her father to watch over her family from above. I’m thankful that our paths crossed, thankful for the love I witnessed and we shared. It’s my first holiday without my nanacakes and it crept up on me quicker than I thought. So I’m practicing self care alone. Sipping tea and being thankful. 

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