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Today, I purchased pajamas.

I purchased PJs today y’all.  It’s really not a big deal until I realized why I had not worn nor purchased PJs since ... well I can’t remember.  

First of all I’m a nude sleeper.  

But when I visit someone’s home or travel with others I like to have some loungewear, out of respect or whatever.   My loungewear over the years has been gym gear or those give away tee shirts.  

One part frugality, one part rebelion and the last part well I like breezes across my skin, as well as fingertips and lovers lips.  But this isn’t about that.  

So many years ago, when my ex husband was my boyfriend he asked me to give him a list of five things I really wanted for Christmas.  I never really want for much so the list was practical.   I don’t remember the items but one was pajamas. 

You see we stayed with his family for the holidays and they are like one of those hallmark commercials, all cute with matching robes, slippers and coffee cups around the piano singing tunes.  

No seriously they were.   

It was cute. I fell deep for that cute stuff.  

Well I wanted pajamas to wear so I wouldn’t look like the less fortunate orphan they sponsored for the holidays.   He wanted a leather jacket and some other items I can’t remember.  I ordered most his items online and had them shipped to his grandmoms home.  God I miss that woman, we had an instant kismet bond that I just can’t explain.  Bless her resting soul.

So we get to his home state of Kentucky through a record snow storm.  Everything is closed or closing due to the weather.  The streets are treacherous but we’re surrounded by loved ones so all is well.  

Then everyone starts acting strange as we get closer to Christmas Day. Like almost twilight zone strange.  

Okay I’m being dramatic.  But something was afoot.  

Anyway, turns out he planned to pop the question on Christmas Eve at the big family dinner with everyone around.  But my ring got stuck in transport from Chicago because of the storm.   They are trying to figure out how to get it off the fed ex or whatever courier plane held it safely captive.   

But it didn’t arrive.   

Every late comer to the party was checking my hand but it was bare.  

So finally he told me what happened.   And how he actually decided to forgo my wish list and propose instead.   The only problem now, I had no gifts while everyone else was doing the traditional opening.  

But his family jumped in and gifted or regifted me pajamas! He told them my sob story y’all.  

I had so many sets of pajamas that after years I had to start giving some away...remember at home I sleep in the buff.   

So here I am almost 14 years later. 

Having maybe one set left from the dozens gifted that Christmas.   

I did get engaged a few days later once the snow thawed and the streets cleared.  Even a few years later was married and subsequently divorced.  (I’m sure there’s a blog post coming about that too).

As the years grew with my in laws, I kept getting pajamas and my disdain for them grew!  PJs not my in laws...they were lovely.  

But while strolling through Costco I spotted a set that looked like perfect lounge wear.  

And today I purchased pajamas.  

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