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What. A. Week. 

I mean seriously. 

Mentally, physically and emotionally I’ve felt like I was just lost and spinning further into a void. Lost and alone. As the weekend came closer, sad news of a sick soror just took me all the way out. I didn’t think I could stand any more. But of course then more bad news came. 

So I was just sitting there feeling empty and out of no where I get a message from my cousin.  Outside of the quick pleasantries at our grandmothers funeral, I had not seen him since we were children..probably 30plus years. Here we are grown ups, everyone with their own families and children now and he thought to reach out to me and make the connections where our parents didn’t. 

He was the highlight of my week...I felt like that moment in the sci-fi where you finally breathe when you see the hand reaching out to help.

To show you that you’re not out here alone.

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